Demystifying Olive Oil

Olive oil tastes great and good for you but there are so many varieties in the supermarket and you might wander which one to buy?

Extra virgin oil – the highest quality and least processed. It has the most intense and fruitiest flavor than the other grades. It also has a bitter taste and has the most benefits and nutritional fact. One thing to note is, the deeper the color, the more intense the olive oil flavor is. Extra virgin olive oil can used for salad dressings and drizzling on top of veggies but it is not recommended for cooking. Extra virgin oil is also great for cooking meat sauce, tomato sauce and other recipes that requires a more intense flavor.

Pure olive oil – heat processed and has a milder flavor. Pure olive oil is good for low and medium heat cooking. Great for making mayonnaise or butter.

Light or extra light olive oil – this refers to the light color of the oil and flavor of the oil, it has the same amount of calories and fat as all other olive oil. Light olive oil tastes similar to vegetable oil and can be used for high heat cooking.

In order to prolong the longevity of olive oil, please store them in a cooler place, they last in room temperature for 6 months or in a refrigerator for up to a year. it will turn cloudy but will turn to room temperature when it returns to room temperature.

You would want to own a variety of olive oil for different recipes.


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